WAIANAE (KHNL) A local girl who made it big in Hollywood returned to Hawaii today to help parents keep their children away from drugs. Actress Kelly Preston met with students from Waianae Charter School.

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What parents are saying
about the Keeping Your Kids
Drug Free Kit

Educate Your Kids

Hawai`i has the largest population percent of ice users in the nation and with over 2 million grams of marijuana confiscated every year, it is fair to say Hawai`i is fighting an epidemic.

To combat this, we need to arm our children with all the information they need to make the correct choices.

Narconon has been delivering successful drug education presentations in schools and community groups for the past 30 years and they know how to talk to kids about drugs.

The feedback we have gotten from thousands of Hawaiian students after they participated in Narconon Drug Education lectures proves the point that our drug education works.

  • "This has changed the way I think of drugs. I will never take drugs."
    — Middle School student
  • "I can tell my friends what I've learned and maybe it will help prevent them from using drugs.
    — High School student
  • "This talk was very thought provoking. I know a bunch of people had or has a drug problem. I've been through countless lectures and speeches coming out with the same info but this one by far was the one I've learned most [from]."
    — High School student

The parent kit was created to help you comfortably talk to your children about the real dangers and long-term effects of drugs. If they have not yet tried drugs, these materials can help them choose the right path. If you suspect they are already using drugs, these materials can help them understand that this path will not lead to happiness.

Along with your patience and kindness, the information contained in these short films and booklets in the kit can create understanding and harmony.

With our free kit, you now can teach your kid the truth about drugs.

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