WAIANAE (KHNL) A local girl who made it big in Hollywood returned to Hawaii today to help parents keep their children away from drugs. Actress Kelly Preston met with students from Waianae Charter School.

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About Narconon


Narconon (which means "no drugs") is an international network of drug prevention programs and rehabilitation centers — dedicated to eradicating drug and alcohol abuse.

Narconon was first established in 1966 in Arizona State Prison by a former incarcerated addict named William Benitez, who rehabilitated himself using the research and works of author and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard. Benitez was paroled and started the first Narconon center in Los Angeles. Today it consists of more than 180 prevention and rehabilitation programs around the world.

Mr. Hubbard assisted Bill Benitez and developed the full Narconon program and the different unique steps that are used to create a lifelong road out for drug users.

The Narconon drug education program is based off of our 40 years of experience dealing with drug addicts and their families.

Narconon staff and volunteers around the world have delivered drug education presentations to more than three million children and another four-and-a-half million children have seen the Narconon drug education videos in their schools.

Today, Narconon continues to educate both children and adults on the truth about drugs.

For more information about Narconon, visit the Narconon International website at