WAIANAE (KHNL) A local girl who made it big in Hollywood returned to Hawaii today to help parents keep their children away from drugs. Actress Kelly Preston met with students from Waianae Charter School.

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What parents are saying
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Hawaiian Student Successes

Students in Hawaii
Above: Narconon drug education lecturer, Neal Ane

"This really made me think twice before I would smoke weed again. It makes me think and try not to do this thing that will soon cause a big problem in my life both physically and mentally if I keep doing it."


"This class was a lot more fun. I was at an apathy until Narconon came, then I became enthusiastic. This has changed the way I think of drugs. I will never take drugs."


"My deepest gratitude goes out to you and all your colleagues from the Narconon Program for visiting our school and giving us the opportunity to learn and talk about the various drugs that are out there today. My friends here will surely not forget the information that you were able to administer to us. I felt that it was your unique style of communicating with us and your ability to teach that helped us to learn at a much more efficient rate. On a more personal level, I really wanted to extend my innermost thanks to you for having a fun 3-day class full of interesting and valuable information. I am extremely delighted that class was not arid and dull but full of excitement, laughter and fun."


"I'm going to use this new information to evade future obstructions that are drug and alcohol related. I don't want to turn up a druggie or like my brother. I want to be a clean human being and never encounter people who lost their lives to drugs. I want a fun life and to enjoy it too. I want to keep on my goals in life and stay drug free. I will always remember to say "no" to drugs. Peace out with Aloha."


"Another thing that just totally blew my mind was how big of a role the media plays. It's almost ridiculous how much of an influence they make. I mean when you showed us that magazine, I couldn't believe it. I couldn't help thinking what the hell is wrong with these people? Does America enjoy killing one another? People will do anything as long as it puts a few dollars in their pocket. It is disgusting how bad this cycle is. That's why I appreciate you guys coming and talking to us about it.

"It really makes a difference on us teens these days. It helps us with making important decisions about drugs. Especially since we're faced with so many things to think about. I know it will make a difference on me; I absolutely won't do drugs now. I think this is a really good program and hope that you will continue it for many years to come."


"Thank you for coming and sharing your knowledge about drugs with the students of Kamehameha Schools. You were a fantastic speaker and the way you spoke to us was very straight-forward. I would personally like to thank you for being so straight up because to convince young teenagers like us that drugs are bad, you need to fill us in with the causes, effects and consequences.

"At the beginning of the presentation I wanted to try different drugs but after you have spoken to us I have realized that if I were to do that, then I would be messing up my life and would be a total loser. Aloha and Mahalo."


"I think from your talks and your stories I will be able to carry the knowledge that will always turn me away from drugs. Just to know that it causes blank spots, eats all of my needed nutrients, is stored in my fat, effects my emotions, will cause my bones to become weak and will ultimately poison my body are things that I know will always turn me away from drugs.

"That is why with my deepest gratitude I will like to thank you and say Mahalo for allowing me to learn so many things that will change my life forever. I hope that the information that you have given my class and I will spread and will some day end drug usage in Hawai`i, and maybe in the whole nation. So once again thank you and God Bless!"


"Many kids don't really realize how big of an impact a drug has on you. They think that if you try it just once they won't get addicted. They think that if they take a drug it will be out of their system over a short period of time. That is way off from the truth! I think that as long as you guys continue to educate us teens, we will become less ignorant about what drugs do to us, and the usage of drugs will go down. I really admire what you guys do and I think that you are really making a difference."